Fall Classes

Here’s everything we currently have scheduled for the fall semester 2022:

Film Studies ClassRegistration deadline is 9/1!
-This class will focus on analyzing narrative movies with an emphasis on form and theme. That is, what does the movie communicate, and what does it do to communicate it?

Novice Team Policy Class with Lasting Impact
-Learn the basics of policy debate over the fall semester

Advanced Team Policy Class with Lasting Impact
-Get a jumpstart into the tournament season with this fall team policy class for experienced students

Parliamentary Debate Class with Lasting Impact
-Learn how to compete in parliamentary debate at a high level with this fall class

Extemp Roundtable with Lasting Impact
-Keep up with the news with this, weekly, guided, roundtable discussion of current events and what they mean

Private Coaching
Always available for debaters, coaches, club leaders, and parents. Please email us at newenglanddebate@gmail.com for details.

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