NED Workshop: Topic Deep Dive

Understand the deeper issues underpinning the resolution with this workshop.

Join us and dive into the deeper issues behind the resolution. For policy, we’ll be covering economics 101 and how these principles apply to the movement of people. LD debaters will examine the implied value systems and stakeholders for each side of the resolution, then proceed to discuss how to develop a clash based on mutually exclusive interests, which facilitates an interesting and worthwhile debate.  High school and middle school students from the NCFCA and STOA are welcome. LD and TP.

When: Saturday, April 3, 10am-2pm EST

Where: On your computer (via zoom)

How much? $20 for one student, $30 for multiple (parents are always invited to attend)


If you prefer to pay by check, please indicate that above and we will send you instructions. Otherwise, pay below.

Number of Students
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