NED Workshop: Philosophy and Values

We had a great time learning about moral philosophy. Check out the schedule for future workshop opportunities.

While it may be called “value debate,” Lincoln Douglas doesn’t have a monopoly on the concept. All forms of debate imply values and learning how to navigate these ideas will help you understand debate better. Join us this Saturday to learn the basics of moral and political philosophy from Plato to Rawls. We’ll travel through the history of philosophical thought before learning how to apply this knowledge to students’ cases (LD or TP). High school and middle school students from the NCFCA, STOA, or any other debate league are welcome. This subject is applicable to any debate format and we will discuss how to apply value argumentation to any debate topic the student may be studying.

Scroll down for logistics and registration.

When: Saturday, October 31th, 10am-2pm EST

Where: On your computer (via zoom)

How much? $20 for one student, $30 for multiple (parents are always invited to attend.)

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