Debate Camp 2020

Elevate your debate skills and start the year off right.

We are going digital this year, so you can learn from the best no matter where you are!

When? August 10th, 12th, and 14th from 10-4:15 EST. Why non-consecutive days? Because we want to focus on research and preparation, the off-days will give you time to actually research and prepare!

Why this camp? New England Debate Camp is one of the best ways to get a head start on the competitive season.

Our coaches are all super experienced with a wide variety of skills.

-Camp is specifically designed to complement the NCFCA Summit and Intensive workshops.

-Outside speakers, including Alicia Preston, Dr. Ben Voth, and Greg Rehmke, will share their expert knowledge about the resolution topics.

-Discussion topics will be tailored to what YOU want.

-By the end of the camp, you will have written your own case(s) and you’ll have debated multiple rounds with expert feedback.

-Simultaneously-hosted workshop discussions will equip and empower parents to be supportive parent coaches, confident judges, and engaged club members. Whether parents are new to debate or club leaders with years of experience, our parent workshops will help your family get the most out of debate as a critical life skill.

– We use the Zoom platform integrated into Slack’s easy-to-use workspace discussion groups.

Listen to what Ligian Ferreiro Oliveira had to say after last year’s camp:

“As a new mom/coach/club leader, I was very insecure about many things I was doing. The kind of encouragement I found at camp was so important to me that I don’t think I can put it properly into words.”

Who should attend? NCFCA eligible students wanting to get a head start on research and case work will get the most out of camp when a parent attends the parent workshops and joins her student for the student workshops.

How much? $120 per student with a $20 discount for siblings. Register before July 6th for Early Bird Pricing of $99!

Questions? Send us an email at

Registration. Fill out the form below to register!

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