All of our coaches are massive debate nerds who absolutely love sharing their knowledge and experience.

Marc Davis

Coach to coaches and debaters, alike, Marc debated for 6 years in NCFCA team policy and for 3 years in various forms of collegiate parliamentary debate, where he won numerous tournaments at both the regional and national levels. In the years since, he has coached dozens of NCFCA teams, including the 2019 National Champions as well as other nationally-ranked teams. He has been an NCFCA Intensive policy debate coach as well as a speaker for their 2020 Online Summit. Marc has taught speech and debate to middle school students through the Rose Institute and runs The Thoughtful Gamer, where he writes and podcasts about modern board games. Outside of that web of activity, Marc enjoys cooking, movies, and golf of both the normal and disc varieties.

Robert Mech

Robert loves debate! He competed in NCFCA for four years — two years in Lincoln Douglas debate and two years in team policy. Since then, he has completed a physics degree at Gordon College and works in research and development. He believes the critical thinking skills learned in debate will serve you well in every area of life, whether in the sciences, in the humanities, or in the Christian faith. Debate brings together the intellectual rigor of academia and the excitement of competition in a unique way, and he looks forward to exploring its many possibilities with you all!

Jack Singer

Jack competed in the NCFCA for six years in Region 8. He spent the majority of his time competing in team policy debate, beginning to compete in Moot Court his senior year of High School. Jack has advanced to elimination rounds at every moot court competition he has competed in, qualifying to the National Championship at his first ever moot court competition with a third-place finish at the 2019 North Carolina National Open. In team policy, Jack consistently placed in the top tiers of competitors at multiple competitions. He achieved the title of tournament champion on five separate occasions, including at a national mixer and a regional championship. Jack is a rising senior studying at Patrick Henry College where he is pursuing a degree in American Politics and Policy and a minor in Philosophy. When he isn’t coaching, competing in, or talking about debate, Jack spends his time planning trips around the world and buying ridiculously expensive shoes. Jack greatly enjoys sharing his love for debate with others and cannot wait to help your students achieve and excel beyond their goals in competition!  

Nicholas Storz

Nick is a rising senior at Patrick Henry College, where he has competed in their parliamentary debate, civic debate, and moot court programs. With his civic debate partner, he won the 2021 Lafayette Debates US National Championship, together becoming the first underclassmen to do so. Over four years of competition in NCFCA policy debate, he won three qualifying tournaments, earned top finishes at national opens, and won top speaker awards. Nick qualified to nationals twice, placing 7th at the 2019 National Championship alongside his brother Will. His emphasis on hard work and top-notch research earned him a nationwide reputation as an excellent debater. He fondly remembers his time in high school debate for learning to critically evaluate ideas and making incredible friendships. Having coached at SNOW policy debate club for three years, he loves investing in driven debate students and guiding them in building integrity, advanced skills, and ethical character through excellent competition. Nick has coached for the NCFCA Intensive Online speech and policy debate. He has been a DFWSD Sourcebook author for several years and is helped produce their first STOA Sourcebook. He loves reading, playing piano, and adventuring.

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