Fall Debate Workshop Series

New England Debate Workshops are here! These two hour online meetings are the perfect way to sharpen your skills, dive into the resolution, and learn more about policy debate. Plus, we’re going to do a FREE “how to judge” workshop. Each one is on a Saturday starting at 6:30pm ET, and they’ll be 2 hours long, though I’ll be willing to stick around afterwards to answer question if there are any. Here are the details:

Expert Coaching: Each workshop will be run by me, Marc Davis! I’m the primary debate coach for New England Debate. I debated for 6 years in the NCFCA, 3 years in college, and I’ve coached hundreds of NCFCA and Stoa students in the 9 years since.

Price: $20 per family per workshop, or $70 for the entire series. Because one of our primary goals at NED is to empower debate parents and local clubs, parents and coaches are welcome to observe for free. The “How to Judge” workshop is entirely free. Registration and payment details are below.

Bonus! Lasting Impact members receive a free 1AC review with registration.

Workshop Details:

10/8: Research, Generics, and Topic Brainstorming (NCFCA topic)

Learn how to jumpstart your season with an exhaustive research strategy that will ensure you’re efficient and organized with your time. No more fumbling around, following rabbit trails and losing important information. We’ll also discuss basic economic arguments that will apply to many of your rounds and brainstorm case ideas.

11/5: Fallacies, Cognitive Biases, and “Debaterisms”

We’re all susceptible to errors in thinking, and those errors tend to follow predictable patterns. Learn how to recognize both formal and informal logical fallacies and understand the psychology behind the biases and bad reasoning we tend to cling to. Then, learn how to excise a different kind of ingrained thinking, what I call “debaterisms”, by recognizing and eliminating clichés and patterns that are commonly expressed in rounds but don’t actually make much sense when you pause to think about it.

11/19: How to Debate Theory

Debate theory can seem difficult and impenetrable. I know many debaters never actually learn how to effectively debate it. This workshop will change that, as you’ll learn how the fundamentals of debate theory are quite simple. You’ll also learn how to effectively explain complex theory arguments to judges and defend against common attacks.

12/10: Rebuttal Prep and Brief Analysis

Effectively prepping on the negative side requires not only gathering evidence, but understanding how to use it. A key aspect of that is figuring out what your negative brief allows you to argue in the rebuttals. How many times over can you win the round with the arguments you have? If you’ve never thought of that before, this workshop will open your eyes.

12/17: FREE “How I Judge” Parent/Coach Workshop

Judging is an essential part of participating in the debate activity as a family, but only so much information can be given in tournament judge orientation. This workshop will go beyond basic orientation and provide a simple, straightforward method of judging both policy and value debate, with plenty of time for Q&A. I guarantee it’ll be valuable for new and experienced judges alike. Spread the word!

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