New England Debate and Lasting Impact Are Partnering for Four Classes This Fall: Sign Up Now!

We’re partnering with Lasting Impact to off 4 different speech and debate clubs this fall. Registration is open now! Here are the details–click the links for more info and registration:

Novice Team Policy
Time: 7:00-8:00 ET
Fridays – Fall Semester, Starting 9/16 – 1.5 hours per week
Cost: $125 Members / $150 NonMembers

Policy debate is a whole lot of fun and it helps develop foundational life skills. It sharpens logic, reasoning, and critical thinking skills. It provides students with a framework in which to make sound decisions. It trains students to articulate their thoughts in a persuasive and winsome, God-glorifying manner. Policy debate tends toward more concrete thinking. Students learn to analyze and solve real-world problems. They learn to understand both sides of an argument and argue against ideas instead of arguing against people. They learn to work together with their opponent to slay bad logic and reveal truth. Students learn to research and synthesize interdisciplinary information from subjects like government, economics, civics, history, statistics, geography, and philosophy to construct compelling arguments to communicate to their audience. Beyond building competitive debate skills, debate helps students improve the thinking, analysis, research, and writing skills valued by colleges, employers, and society.

In this club, learn the basics of debate and get started researching either the NCFCA or Stoa topic. Gain confidence speaking and constructing arguments. We will cover basic policy debate structure, theory, and jargon, as well as how to effectively research. There will be plenty of practice speaking and debating! Designed as a prep course to prepare for NCFCA or Stoa competitions. Parents are encouraged to attend to learn alongside their students.

Advanced Team Policy
Time:1 pm – 3 pm EST. Meets 7 times
Fridays – afternoons – 2 hrs. Alternating weeks with Parli
Cost: $100 Members / $125 NonMembers

So you are hooked on policy debate!Learn how to take your debate skills to the next level. This class will make sure everyone has a good understanding of policy debate theory and strategy. Using debate as a tool to discover truth, we will dissect arguments, research thoroughly, and practice debating a lot. Parents are encouraged to attend to learn alongside their students. Advanced policy debaters will also benefit from joining the parli club for focused debate skill practice.

Time:1 pm – 3 pm EST. Meets 7 times
Fridays – afternoons – 2 hrs. – Alternating weeks with advanced policy
Cost: $100 Members / $125 NonMembers

Learn the basics of parli debate and prepare for a wide variety of topics. This class will cover basic debate theory and parli procedure. We will also learn about a new aspect of political science, economics, or philosophy in each class to broaden student knowledge. Practice debates every class! Designed for both students who want to participate in parli competitions and TP/LD students who want to level up their skills and knowledge.Parents are encouraged to attend to learn alongside their students.

Extemp Roundtable
Time: 4pm ET
Fridays – 30 minute – 1 hr. meetings weekly beginning late November/Early December
Cost: $100 Members / $125 NonMembers

One downside of digital extemp is the lack of “filing days”, when clubmates got together to discuss the news while filing articles. The extemp roundtable will recreate that valuable discussion time. Each week everyone will be responsible for a short (2 min) summary of a news topic, followed by a brief discussion. I will help keep the discussion going and take notes. This is about information density and actively keeping up with the news.Parents are encouraged to attend to learn alongside their students.

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