2022 Speech, Debate, & Fairy Tale Trials Family Camp in NH

Kicking Off the 2022/23 Speech & Debate Season Together!

Welcome! Get excited, be encouraged, nurture relationships, recharge your homeschool journey, and sharpen critical life skills. Together, let’s recommit to challenging and equipping ambassadors for Christ to communicate truth with integrity and grace. This brand new overnight family camp combines the best of New England Debate with speech and Fairy Tale Mock Trial experiences for the whole family. We can’t wait to welcome both new and returning families!

Can’t make it for the whole week? Looking for a one-day speech or debate clinic? Sign up for the Debate Clinic on Monday from 9:15-5:15 for $75. For the same price, the all-day Speech Clinic will run from 9:15 to 5:15 on Tuesday. Lunch and dinner are available for separate advance purchase. (The per person $15 camp insurance fee applies.)

Who: Interested homeschool families with students aged 12-18 by January 1, 2023. Whether your student is just exploring the idea of speech and/or debate or is building on competition experience from previous years, our coaching staff will meet students at their level from beginning to advanced. Parent workshops will help equip parents, coaches, and club leaders to support their students and clubs. Daily devotions, worship, and quiet time will ground us all in God’s truth.

When: July 11-15

Where: Camp Monadnock, Jaffrey, NH. 

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What is Fairy Tale Mock Trials? 



Hansel and Gretel, Rumplestiltskin, and Jack the Giantkiller, have their Day in Court!

  • SEEK JUSTICE: Courtroom drama immerses students in the judicial process as they put Rumplestiltskin, Jack the Giantkiller and Little Red on trial.
  • LOVE MERCY: Classic fairy tale themes and characters awaken the moral imagination, tend the heart of virtue, and reveal timeless truths. Theater games create a climate of trust, encouragement, and curiosity.
  • WALK HUMBLY: Consensus-building jury sessions require listening authentically, agreeing or disagreeing respectfully, and deliberating patiently, to render a verdict. The program culminates in a presentation for families and friends, where a real judge from the community presides, and swears in the whole audience, as jurors!

Presented by Julie Romeo and limited to 12 participants.

Learn more https://www.fairytaletrials.com/

Why New England Debate? 

Debate sharpens logical thinking and just reasoning when it rests upon the foundation of the Word of God. It provides a framework for sound decision-making and trains students to articulate their thoughts in a persuasive and winsome, God-glorifying manner. Students learn to analyze and solve real-world problems while learning to understand both sides of an argument and to argue against ideas instead of arguing against people. They learn to work together with an opponent to slay bad logic and reveal truth. Students learn to research and synthesize interdisciplinary information from subjects like government, economics, civics, history, statistics, geography, and philosophy to construct and communicate compelling arguments to their audience. Beyond building debate skills, this camp will help equip students, parents, coaches, and club leaders with listening, thinking, analytic, research, writing, and communication skills, while taking every thought captive to the obedience of Christ.

Since debate is best learned by doing, our resolution-specific camp relies heavily on workshops aimed at getting your student practicing skills right away. Led by some of NCFCA Speech and Debate’s finest alumni and experienced advanced debate coaches and club leaders, we will introduce new students to the basics of debate and challenge experienced debaters to hone more advanced debate theory and strategy. Our coaches will meet you at your level and take you to the next!

What is the difference between Lincoln Douglas and Team Policy Debate?  

Lincoln Douglas is a value-based debate between two opponents. It focuses on the values that underlie policy decisions. Team Policy is argued between two opposing two-person teams and centers on a policy challenge currently facing our nation or world. 

What kinds of speech skills will students develop? 

Students will learn storytelling, how to discover stories worth telling, and how to bring them to life via drama. They will learn the fundamentals and art of platform speaking and speech writing, as well as dive into apologetics, research and support, connecting with an audience, and much more. 

Why do parents attend?

Parents gain from locking arms with other mission-minded parents rearing their children as ambassadors for Christ. Besides, who is NOT craving constructive community right now? Veteran parents will share their hearts for speech and debate, and share how their lives have been impacted by it. Parent sessions will provide understanding about NCFCA competition, how to support students at home, and give feedback to other students at tournaments. Learn how to support local clubs, coach at club, and even start a club! Parent, coach, and club leader workshops are at the heart of New England Debate Camp. Plan to learn alongside students!

Will there be camp fun, too?

YES!  The camp fun team has plenty of fun in store with indoor game facilities, outdoor volleyball, hiking trails, and a campfire pit.

How do I register? 

Follow this link and follow the directions to Register Now! Registration is confirmed upon full payment and completed registration form. Early bird pricing expires May 15. Regular prices will reflect an additional $50 per person on and after May 16.


Contact Brenda Storz at NewEnglandDebate@gmail.com; (845)467-0694

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