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Nationals is only a few weeks away, so it’s time to sprint towards the finish line! What is Sprint to Nationals? It’s a place to collaborate with other serious-minded policy debaters and a way to get direct feedback from coach Marc Davis. Think of it as having a private coach on-call.

Who is this for? Policy debate students in the NCFCA or Stoa who want to debate well and get an extra boost in their prep for Nationals.


Exclusive slack workspace with other high-level debaters and coach Marc to discuss, collaborate, and encourage each other.
Weekly zoom meetings to discuss strategy, theory, research, or whatever else people want to discuss.
Case and brief feedback.
Coached practice round. One practice round coached by Marc.
– Free topicality brief (NCFCA). Marc has written a topicality brief that works against any case that changes sentencing rules.

Road to Nationals is not a replacement for a local club, but it will be a valuable supplement to one.

Cost: $25 per team. Please fill out the form below and email us at newenglanddebate@gmail.com for payment details.

Email us at newenglanddebate@gmail.com for payment info!

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