2021-2022 NED Programs

Debate camp last week was absolutely fantastic, and we can’t wait to help as many people as possible with debate and speech this season. But, before we get into the programs, please consider signing up to receive email notifications below whenever we post new news or debate tips. This will make sure you don’t miss anything!

Did it? Good. Now to the exciting opportunities.

1. Fall Debate Club

As we’ve announced before, we’re partnering with Lasting Impact to offer an online debate club for team policy debate. Want to get a good start on the season, particularly if you don’t have a local club? This will be a great opportunity. We’re going to make sure everyone gets dedicated instruction so they can enter the spring tournament season strong.

2. Road to Nationals

Sign ups and more details will be posted soon, but here’s the gist: this will be a program for people who are dedicated to qualifying and excelling at Nationals in team policy. It will include:

-A shared workspace (slack or discord) to discuss and collaborate with other top debaters and get Marc’s help
-Case and brief critiques from Marc
-Critiqued practice rounds
-Weekly zoom meetings
-Evidence sharing

This will not be designed as a replacement for a local club, but an addition to one. It will be low-commitment but extremely valuable. If there’s anything you think would be a good addition to this program on top of what’s listed above, please let us know in the comments!

3. Workshops

Just like last year we’re going to offer a number of 1-day workshops to learn about specific topics and hone in specific skills. If there are any particular subjects you’d like to see for a workshop, please comment below!

4. Private Coaching

Marc is open for private coaching! One on one coaching is the best possible way to improve your skills quickly. Marc specializes in TP as well as Limited Prep and Platform speech categories. Rate is $30/hour or $25/hour if you commit to at least 10 hours. Please email us at newenglanddebate@gmail.com if you’re interested.

We’re super excited about the upcoming year here at NED, and we hope you are too! In case you didn’t submit your email to be notified for updates above, here’s the opportunity again.

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