Why Try Policy Debate?

Want to learn about the joys of policy debate? Below is a snippet, but you won’t want to miss the full article posted by our new partner, Lasting Impact. While there, you can join the 12-week online TP club we are offering this fall via our friends at Lasting Impact.

The era in which we live right now can be categorized by the deluge of information we have available to us at all times (sometimes whether we want it or not). Along with that comes a steady stream of lies and misinformation. Sorting through the muck to find what is true and good is a monumental task. Debate helps train our critical thinking skills, giving us the mental resources we need to fight against the lies. It’s not a perfect tool, but it’s the most effective one I’ve seen. (Keep reading here.)

Summer is going to come to a close before you know it, so also don’t forget to sign up now to gather with us at our IN-PERSON debate camp where we’ll teach both Policy and LD debate. It’s only a couple of short weeks away (August 9-12)!

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