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Just in time to boost debate skills for the competition season, we are thrilled to announce the full workshop series schedule! Following the amazing participation in our moral philosophy and values workshop, each of these eight sessions will challenge debaters, parents, and coaches and upgrade their debate skills. Sessions are scheduled on select Saturdays from 10 am – 2 pm. Most will include an afternoon practice round to help debaters gain competition experience with valuable feedback and to help parents apply specific coach training to coach rounds. Get the in-depth teaching and coaching you need when you need it most!

Pricing and Registration: choose a la carte workshops or the series bundle.

A la Carte: Register for each workshop individually for $20 per debater or $30 per family

Series Bundle: Register for the entire series for $130 per debater or $200 per family for a savings of $50+. The full series bundle includes free workshop recordings, so even if you miss an in-person workshop, you won’t miss out on the teaching. Dates and details below.

Dec 12 – Case writing (with bonus training for parents and coaches!) — Every debate round starts with a case, but they’re often underdeveloped. Learn how to fine-tune your case(s) with a scalpel, cutting away those bad habits and wasted words. Parents and coaches will get a special 40-minute session to learn how to apply the principles discussed and effectively train their students.

Jan 2 – Research — Debate begins with preparation. Advance your research skills by learning not only the most effective techniques, but the most efficient ways to find and cut cards.

Jan 23 – Persuasion — A lot of people think that persuasion is only about smooth speaking, but true persuasion is about how to argue well. Learn how to structure your arguments, weigh the debate round, and use sound strategy to persuade on top of the best rhetorical techniques.

Feb 20 – Logic — Visualize your arguments by understanding logic. This will function as a brief explanation of logic 101, including instruction of how to use venn diagrams to spot fallacies. We’ll discuss both formal and informal fallacies, and put your cases to the logical test!

March 13 – Narrative — Humans naturally respond to stories, and good arguments follow a story structure. Learn how to tell stories both with your entire speech and with each individual argument. Debate like a person, not a robot.

April 3 – Economics of Immigration/LD resolution topic TBD — Immigration is largely an economic issue. Learn some basics of economics and how those principles apply to immigration. On the LD side, we will have a similarly resolution-focused topic, TBD.

Date TBD Pre-Regionals prep — Go through a circuit training grind to ensure you’re ready to take on regionals!

Date TBD Pre-Nationals prep — An all day intensive where we will challenge each other to greatness as we prep for nationals. The specifics will be determined by the students (we’ll send out a questionnaire beforehand to get your feedback.)

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