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For Debate Camp 2020 we’re delighted to welcome three fantastic guest speakers who will bring their wisdom and insight into the topics. Both Dr. Voth and Mr. Rehmke have extensive experience in the world of academic debate, I think you’ll learn a lot from them during camp. Alicia Preston will bring the breadth and depth of her campaign and communications experience to inform the value topic discussion.

Alicia Preston is a lobbyist and columnist who has spent her career in politics, government and the media. Since leaving the media in 2004, she has worked for multiple candidates in several states on Gubernatorial, Congressional, US Senate, and Presidential campaigns as a political operative and a consultant. Some of the races and organizations she was involved in include: NH Governor Craig Benson, Senator Scott Brown during his successful 2010 run, and numerous other Congressional races. She has worked for former NY Governor George Pataki periodically over 12 years, as well as Mayor Rudy Giuliani, and is currently a lobbyist in New Hampshire. She also writes a weekly column in Seacoast Media Group publications and hosts a nationally syndicated podcast through Gannet Media entitled, “NewsCycle with Alicia Preston.” She still participates in local political activities and is currently consulting on the District 24 State Senate Race. Alicia lives with her family and three poodles in her native hometown of Hampton. Her name is actually now Alicia Xanthopoulos, but she continues to use her maiden name professionally, because, well, her new last name is Xanthopoulos. Had she married a Mr. Smith, she might have changed her professional name.

Economic Thinking Program Director, Gregory F. Rehmke, has directed educational programs for high school, homeschool, and college students for over 20 years. Mr Rehmke directed educational programs at the Center for the American Idea, The Reason Foundation and the Foundation for Economic Education.

Mr. Rehmke has a degree in Economics from the University of Washington and has worked with the Reason Foundation, the Institute for Humane Studies, the Center for the American Idea, and the Foundation for Economic Education.  Mr. Rehmke has published articles in The FreemanReason, DailySpeculations.com, and the MasterResource blog. Mr. Rehmke is coauthor of the Complete Idiot’s Guide to Global Economics.

Dr. Ben Voth is an associate professor of Communication Studies and Director of Debate and Speech programs at Southern Methodist University. He is the Coolidge Foundation debate fellow and an adviser for the George W. Bush Institute in Dallas. Dr. Voth’s professional mission is to equip individuals to have their voice. By teaching and researching in areas of rhetoric, argumentation, debate and public speaking, Voth accomplishes this mission with a variety of audiences.

He has worked at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum with dozens of Holocaust Survivors, more than a dozen national collegiate champions of speech and debate, North Korean dissidents, Burmese dissidents, the Rwandan national debate team, and a variety of corporations and organizations throughout the United States.

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